About Our Business

You’ll face challenges EVERY day as a real estate investor.  When you keep in mind that your PROFIT comes from SOLVING problems, then it takes some of the “yuck” out of it.  But where do you go for answers?

Ta da!  We are here for you!  Even though we’re super smart (and incredibly humble), we don’t know it all.  So sometimes (many times) we’ll get help from our team of advisors.

So ask us anything and we’ll do our best to answer your question in a blog or in our newsletter. Ask your questions here. Chances are, whatever your question is … someone else has the same question.  So when we help you, we help MILLIONS (okay, maybe dozens) of other people!  Leverage!  We like it.


  • Answers provided by us are intended as ideas and information. Even though such answers may be obtained from qualified professionals, they should never be construed as professional advice. We are not lawyers, financial planners, investment advisors, or accountants.  Heck, we barely finished high school (just kidding…well, sort of).  So, before taking any action or risking any money, you should always check with your own qualified professional advisors.
  • Professional advisors whom we may reference are independent.  The ideas and opinions they express are not necessarily those of Commercial Properties – though most of time if we disagree, we’ll wait to they leave, then talk behind their backs. Should you choose to formally engage any of them to provide professional services to you, or should you choose to purchase any product or service from them, Commercial Properties makes no warranty of guarantee of satisfaction or results; nor are we responsible for any damages or consequences that may result.  Last time we looked, you’re a grown up.
  • Commercial Properties will make every effort to protect your privacy when answering your questions.  However, keep in mind that responses will be provided in a public forum, so do not provide any personally identifying information.  In all cases, Commercial Properties is not responsible for any damages or consequences resulting from disclosure of information that you provide.  Isn’t America great?  We now have all of our hands, plus our lawyer’s and insurance agent’s hands all over our rear ends. We’d show you a picture, but then this page would be censored.
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